What should you do if you have tinnitus?

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I feel that there is a sound in my ears, but this sound cannot be heard by anyone except you. This sound can be regular or irregular, sharp or rough. Yes, everyone is different.

What should you do if you have tinnitus? For tinnitus with clear causes and short duration, most cases can be cured through treatment. For those who have long-term tinnitus and are dominated by high-pitched cicada chirping, if it does not affect their hearing or normal life, and there are no major problems after examination, they do not need to receive treatment. If tinnitus causes insomnia, irritability, anxiety, etc., it can be treated systematically.

The treatment of tinnitus should be divided into two steps:
1. Comprehensive treatment in the hospital. Treatment methods include drugs, physical therapy, acupuncture, acupoint injection, massage, etc. Through comprehensive treatment, a small number of patients can be cured of their tinnitus symptoms, while most patients may not be cured, but will be relieved to varying degrees. However, single therapy often has unsatisfactory results.

2. If your tinnitus symptoms have not improved after more than three months of systemic treatment, you can perform adaptive exercises:
1. Diversion of attention: avoid being alone in too quiet In a safe environment, pay attention to enriching the content of your life and concentrate on doing things you like, such as practicing calligraphy, painting, outings, cooking, doing housework, communicating more with family and friends, etc.

2. Relaxation training: To liberate yourself from family chores (marriage, children, family conflicts, etc.), you can ask a few old friends to practice Tai Chi, exercise, practice yoga, dance, etc. Go shopping, go for a walk in the park, or attend a "Sing-Along in Passion Square".

3. Psychological treatment: For patients who have long-term depression, anxiety, fear, tension, fatigue, suspicion, irritability, etc., necessary psychological consultation and adjustment should be carried out to clearly understand and adaptation to tinnitus.

4. Masking therapy: Also called masking therapy, low-intensity pleasant sounds are used to cover the sound of tinnitus, such as Hearing Aids, radios, TVs, and MP3s, which can all play this role.

5. Actively treat systemic diseases.

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