What does it feel like to be deaf and not be able to hear?

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We live in a noisy world every day. Even in the quietest night, when everything is silent, there are still some small sounds: insects in the corner, slight breathing, the rustle of the bed and sheets. Only with these voices can people feel that they are in a real world and feel safe.

What does it feel like to be deaf and unable to hear?

If you can’t hear the sound, you can only watch the speaker’s mouth moving, but you don’t know what the other person is saying or whether he is talking to you. Over time, people will develop an inferiority complex and be unwilling to get along with outsiders. , interaction, severe depression. If a person is not exposed to sound for a long time, the brain will slowly become dull, and the person will become dull. In short, it means living in a silent world, because there is no way to communicate, and you can only be alone.

Being an adult from normal to deafness is like being in the dark in a house without light, panicking every step you take, and feeling like you are walking into an abyss with every step you take. I can only see other people's lips moving, but I don't know if the other person is talking to me, I feel isolated, and then become more and more autistic; In order to disguise my invisible disability, I focus on catching other people's lips; Go out Finally, I couldn't hear the sound of birds, couldn't feel the charm of sound, and felt no sense of security.

The baby is so deaf that after hearing aid, it is like walking out of a dark house. Every step of the way, you will be surprised. It turns out that the world can be like this. I have experienced many novel things, learned to call mom and dad, learned to say I am hungry, learned to express various emotions with language, learned to say I love you, and use my ears to grasp the language of communication with life.

Generally speaking, not being able to hear the sound is the dark side of the world for you, me and him.

Long-term deafness will change a person’s psychology. Long-term deafness cannot hear or speak clearly, which will make people feel inferior and afraid to talk to others. According to research, The probability of patients with moderate hearing impairment suffering from Alzheimer's disease is 1.89 times that of normal people, the probability of patients with moderate hearing impairment suffering from Alzheimer's disease is 3 times that of normal people, and the probability of patients with severe hearing impairment suffering from Alzheimer's disease is 4.94 times that of normal people. times.

Deafness is a very common clinical symptom, so many patients often say when they come to see a doctor that when I talk and communicate with others, others always talk about me. What's the matter with deafness? In fact, deafness means that it can't hear sounds well.It’s not very clear, but it’s different to the extent that it can’t hear clearly. Some people say that it just wants to, that is, there is no problem when communicating and speaking. It’s okay to communicate with each other in general, but the voice is slightly softer. It can no longer hear, so this possibility is mild hearing loss, we call it mild deafness. In the early stage of deafness, ear fullness and ear blockage will appear, followed by hearing loss. If the eardrum is perforated, tinnitus will appear, and some patients may also experience nausea and vomiting.

Hearing loss is the most common symptom of deafness, with different degrees of decline and different clinical manifestations. Once symptoms of hearing loss appear, it is recommended to seek medical treatment promptly to avoid worsening of the condition and causing severe deafness.

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