To what extent does the hearing loss require hearing aids?

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As you all know, hearing loss will have a negative impact on the quality of life, social behavior and communication skills, and will also reduce the elderly's ability to live independently. Therefore, if conditions permit, if hearing loss occurs, you should still choose a hearing aid.

To what extent does hearing loss require a hearing aid? Generally speaking, when the hearing loss reaches 30-40 decibels, Hearing Aids should be considered. A loss of 40-60 decibels has the best effect, a loss of 60-90 decibels has a better effect, and a loss of 90-110 decibels has a poor effect. In fact, when hearing loss affects daily speech conversation and understanding, hearing cannot be improved through drug treatment or surgery, and there is usable residual hearing, hearing aids can be selected.
According to the audiometric test results, less than 25 dB is considered normal hearing, 26-40 dB is considered mild hearing loss, 41-60 dB is moderate hearing loss, 61-80 dB is severe hearing loss, and more than 80 dB is considered extreme hearing loss. Severe hearing loss.

The more severe the hearing loss, the more serious the impact on life and communication, and the less ideal the later recovery results will be.

Therefore, once hearing loss occurs, early intervention is required. When you have mild hearing loss, choose a hearing aid that suits you to ensure that hair cells work as much as possible, delay hearing loss, reduce communication barriers, and help you return to the colorful world of sound.

Key point: Hearing aids cannot be bought casually, but must be fitted by a professional hearing aid. Otherwise, they will not help us listen and communicate, and may aggravate your hearing loss.

In addition, we can consider whether to choose hearing aids from two aspects:
First, if the hearing test results prove that there is hearing loss, and it is necessary If you have a hearing aid, you should choose a hearing aid as soon as possible;

Second, hearing is an advanced, comprehensive, subjective feeling, so "need" is also a signal. Once the elderly feel difficulty hearing in life, it also means that they need hearing aids, and they should choose hearing aids as soon as possible.

 Generally speaking, when we find hearing loss, the sooner we choose hearing aids, the better.

If there is no sound to stimulate the auditory nerve for a long time, your hearing will gradually decline. If you cannot hear sounds for a long time with hearing loss, your speech discrimination will also gradually decline. In this way, even if you can hear sounds with a hearing aid in the future, you may not be able to hear sounds. I don’t know what others are saying. Even if you wear a hearing aid that suits your hearing, the effect will not be ideal.

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