Why can I hear my heartbeat in my right ear?

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The ear is also an important sensory organ on the human brain. However, because the ear is always located on the side of the human brain, the ear is not like other sensory organs and is easily valued by everyone. . However, if there is a problem in the ear, it will seriously affect a person's normal quality of life, and even cause disability.

Why can I hear the heartbeat in my right ear?
Tinnitus is a disorder of auditory function. It is also the response of the listening analyzer to suitable and inappropriate stimuli. Tinnitus is mostly noise, which can be intermittent or continuous. There are single-frequency narrow-band noise or white noise. There are many causes of tinnitus, and it is often an accompanying symptom of certain diseases, especially hard of hearing. Tinnitus can generally be divided into two categories: central and peripheral. Peripheral tinnitus is divided into subjective or non-subjective based on whether it is heard by others. Pulsatile tinnitus and objective or pulsatile tinnitus.

It is usually caused by overexertion, so there is no need to worry. As long as your hearing is normal, don’t consider it for the time being. The patient only needs to take a good rest. Of course, if the condition does not recover, especially if it worsens, consider going to the hospital's otolaryngology department for examination.

You can take orally administered nerve-nutrition drugs for drug treatment, and you must also pay attention to regulating the nerves. The heartbeat sound in the ears will naturally disappear. You need to pay attention to rest every day, don't work too hard, and keep your mood calm. Otherwise, the heartbeat sound in the ears will definitely appear again

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The former is more common and the latter is rare. Tinnitus can be divided into persistent tinnitus and rhythmic tinnitus according to their characteristics. Persistent tinnitus can have a single frequency or a mixture of multi-frequency tones. It is subjective tinnitus. Rhythmic tinnitus is mostly consistent with blood vessel beating, and occasionally consistent with breathing. The frequency of tinnitus is lower. If it is caused by muscle contraction, the frequency of tinnitus is higher. Rhythmic tinnitus is mostly objective tinnitus.

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