Are people who often wear headphones prone to auditory hallucinations?

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A mobile phone and a pair of headphones seem to have become the standard equipment for young people nowadays. On the streets, bus stations, subways, and restaurants, young people wearing headphones and turning up the volume to listen to music can be seen everywhere. While listening to music, I don’t know that my ears are being damaged. Headphones are very convenient for us, because sometimes we can listen to music right next to us without disturbing others. But are people who often wear headphones prone to auditory hallucinations?

Are people who often wear headphones prone to auditory hallucinations?
It can cause auditory hallucinations. It is not recommended to wear headphones for a long time, as this will affect hearing. Auditory hallucinations are a kind of mental symptom. If you have nothing special in life and suddenly have auditory hallucinations, you should see a psychiatrist. The specific disease needs to be diagnosed in conjunction with other manifestations. Medication can only be given after the diagnosis is clear.

Excessive volume of personal audio devices is the “culprit” of hearing loss
According to WHO data, there are currently about 466 million people in the world, including Including approximately 34 million young people (aged 12 to 35 years old) with disabling hearing loss, accounting for 5% of the global population. Without timely intervention and treatment, the number of people with disabling hearing loss may increase to more than 900 million by 2050, which is equivalent to 1 in 10 people with disabling hearing loss.

How to avoid the harm caused by wearing headphones for a long time?
* First of all, when we listen to music, the volume must be at an appropriate level, not too loud, as too much will damage the eardrums.
* Another thing, we cannot listen for a long time, because long days will also cause damage to the ears.
* Some people often like to use Bluetooth headsets, but there are also Bluetooth headsets that radiate some small amounts because they have signals, so be careful.
* But as we have said, Bluetooth is actually very safe, as long as it is not used for too long.
* Another thing, when we use headphones, although we cannot disturb others, we must also pay attention to our own safety issues.

* We can wear headphones in a combination of wired and wireless methods, which will allow the ears to adapt.

Remind everyone: When wearing headphones, please adhere to the "60-60" principle, that is, when listening to music, do not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, and the continuous listening time should not exceed 60%. minute. In addition, adults should not wear headphones for more than 3 to 4 hours a day, and minors should not wear headphones for more than 2 hours a day.

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