Can sudden deafness in children be cured after half a year?

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Sudden deafness, also known as "idiopathic sudden deafness", referred to as "sudden deafness" or "sudden deafness", refers to sensorineural hearing loss that occurs suddenly and of unknown cause. The main clinical manifestations are unilateral hearing loss, which may be accompanied by tinnitus, ear blockage, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Can sudden deafness in children be cured after half a year?

Generally speaking, there is therapeutic value within three months. Your situation is basically finalized and can be improved with Hearing Aids. If there is no improvement in the treatment period of more than three months for sudden deafness, it is generally in the stable stage, and the possibility of cure is unlikely. However, if the causes of sudden deafness (such as frailty, cardiovascular problems) are removed, hearing may still improve, and such cases are not uncommon.

The ear is an important information “receiver” of the human body. Although it is only a small organ, its role cannot be underestimated. It is not only responsible for human hearing, but also Balance and positioning functions.

Patients with sudden deafness need good rest and a relatively quiet environment to avoid noise stimulation. The diet should be light and low in sodium, and avoid irritating foods such as tobacco, alcohol, and chili peppers. Sudden hearing loss can cause more anxiety, irritability and other negative emotions and psychological pressure, which need to be resolved in time to avoid severe emotional changes.

How do we protect our ears and prevent sudden deafness? Balance work and rest:
* Reduce work pressure appropriately, avoid overexertion, and maintain physical and mental pleasure at the same time.
* Enhance physical fitness: Strengthen daily exercise. Older people can choose slow walking, Tai Chi, etc. Young people are recommended to choose running, cycling and other aerobic exercises that suit themselves.

* Balanced diet: mix meat and vegetables, add more fresh fruits and vegetables, quit smoking and limit alcohol. Control underlying diseases: such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.

* For those who have had sudden deafness or similar symptoms in the past, you should also pay attention to:
A: Pay attention to rest more, stay away from noisy environments, and try not to wear headphones ;
B: Try to avoid the use of ototoxic drugs, such as gentamicin, furosemide, etc.;
C: Ensure the cleanliness of the ears to avoid infection and ear trauma;
D: If you notice similar symptoms again, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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