What methods can be used to treat deafness?

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Deafness is a decrease in hearing function caused by various reasons. The sound range that the human ear can perceive is 20 to 20,000 Hz. If a certain part of the auditory organ is diseased, hearing impairment of varying nature and degree will occur, that is, deafness.

What methods can be used to treat deafness?

1. Drug treatment: Drug treatment is a common method for treating deafness. It can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine according to the patient's condition. Western medicine treatment mostly uses intravenous administration combined with intramuscular injection. You can also use vasodilators added to glucose solution for intravenous drip, and at the same time, it is combined with intramuscular injection of vitamins B1 and B2. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sudden deafness is mostly due to qi stagnation and blood stasis, and the ear meridians are blocked by blood stasis. Therefore, acupuncture treatment, activating blood circulation and removing stasis, unblocking meridians and resuscitation, or external counterpulsation treatment all have auxiliary effects.

2. Surgical treatment: Surgical treatment is currently a better way to treat deafness. The treatment effect is relatively direct, and there are many specific methods of surgery. A treatment and rehabilitation system formed and developed during clinical research on long-term deafness and tinnitus. It includes: acoustic information therapy, water acupuncture therapy, ion intervention therapy, light wave therapy, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. The average clinical effectiveness is as high as 90%. This is also a common typical treatment for deafness.

3. Diet therapy: Diet therapy is an auxiliary treatment method for the treatment of deafness. Diet therapy can be carried out in conjunction with other treatment methods. The inner ear is most sensitive to blood supply disorders. When blood circulation disorders occur, it will lead to a lack of nutrients in the auditory nerve, resulting in deafness. Add more protein- and vitamin-rich foods. Eat more foods containing zinc. Drink more milk.

4. Physiotherapy: Microwave therapy to treat deafness has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and improving inner ear microcirculation.

5. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: The treatment of deafness also includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The principle of treating deafness is to increase the oxygen partial pressure, increase the amount of physical dissolved oxygen in the plasma and the blood oxygen diffusion rate. Thus, tissue hypoxia can be quickly corrected. In addition, the greater the partial pressure difference of the gas, the faster the dispersion speed. Therefore, the more hypoxic a site is, the more oxygen will diffuse there under hyperbaric oxygen pressure.

6. Hearing Aids. This is by far the most practical and effective means of hearing compensation and rehabilitation for patients with sensorineural deafness or conductive deafness who have lost the opportunity for medicine and surgery.

7. Cochlear electronic surgery. Suitable for patients with severe deafness who are ineffective in wearing hearing aids. It is generally believed to be more effective for children under 5 years old and adults with postlingual deafness, but it is more expensive and has limited clinical application.

Deafness and tinnitus are two common ear diseases. Compared with tinnitus, deafness is often more harmful and has more adverse effects on people’s health. Deafness is a condition in which people lose their hearing partially or completely. There are many causes of deafness. After the onset, treatment should be based on the patient's condition. Clinically, the methods of treating deafness

Warm reminder: Senile deafness has a greater impact on hearing , age-related aging is not the main factor causing deafness. If hearing loss occurs, it is recommended to actively consult relevant experts for diagnosis and treatment.

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