Can people with Meniere's syndrome and hearing loss eat soy products?

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Ménière's syndrome, also known as Ménière's disease, is a disease characterized by hydrops in the cochlear labyrinth, accompanied by episodic vertigo, deafness, tinnitus, and ear fullness and tightness as its main pathological basis. After treatment, the condition will be relieved or cured. If there are sequelae, there is probably also a problem of hearing loss, so wearing Hearing Aids is better for such patients.

Can people with Meniere’s syndrome and hearing loss eat soy products?

Yes. Meniere patients should pay attention to a reasonable diet and pay attention to nutrition.

Patients should do the following three things in daily life:

1. Diet and exercise: adequate nutrition, mainly light, low-salt diet , Eat more eggs, lean meats, vegetables and fruits; avoid fatty, sweet and spicy foods, such as fatty meats, fried foods, alcohol, peppers, etc. After meals, choose walking, sword dancing, Tai Chi, Qigong and other exercise methods, gradually and persistently; do not climb high to reduce violent rotation of the head and neck.

2. Mental and environmental recuperation: Long-term sadness and tension can easily aggravate the condition. You should maintain a broad mind, an optimistic spirit, a comfortable mood, and a stable mood. Reduce sound and light stimulation in the living environment, keep the room quiet and the light soft.

3. Pay attention to safety: During an attack of vertigo, you must stay in bed and do not swing your head from side to side. Pay special attention to safety in daily life and work. Do not ride on crowded roads or near rivers and ponds, and do not engage in highly responsible and dangerous jobs.

Meniere's disease is an idiopathic inner ear disease characterized by hydrocephalus in the membranous labyrinth. The basic pathological change is enlargement of the hydrocephalus in the membranous labyrinth. The specific cause is unknown. Clinical manifestations are:

1. Sudden rotational vertigo, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, cold sweats, etc., aggravated by opening eyes and relieved by closing eyes;

2. Hearing loss , there is no conscious hearing loss in the early stage, and the hearing decreases obviously after repeated attacks;

3. Tinnitus and ear fullness. Treatment: Pay attention to rest during the attack, eat a low-salt, low-fat, and high-protein diet, and take symptomatic treatment with drugs such as anticholinergics, dilators, diuretics, etc. If conservative treatment is ineffective, surgical treatment is required.

In recent years, experts at home and abroad generally believe that active and effective treatment during the intermittent period can effectively treat the primary lesions of the inner ear membrane, labyrinth, vestibule, and semicircular canals of the disease, because the human body at this stage It is relatively in a more peaceful state, the active ingredients of the drug are relatively better absorbed, and the relative cerebral circulation and inner ear circulation are more comfortable than during the attack period. Combined with comprehensive treatment with effective drugs, satisfactory clinical efficacy can be achieved, and the long-term efficacy is very ideal.

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