Diabetes has an obvious trend among younger people. Why does it cause hearing loss?

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As a disease of wealth, diabetes has been known to the public; it is a relatively common chronic disease. Will suffering from diabetes cause hearing loss? There is currently no evidence that suffering from diabetes will cause hearing loss. However, some data show that the incidence of hearing loss among diabetic patients is as high as 35% to 50%.

The trend of diabetes is obvious among younger people. Why does it cause hearing loss?
According to a meta-analysis reported at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), adults with diabetes have a risk of hearing loss that is more than twice that of adults without diabetes. Screening for hearing loss in patients with diabetes may help. Improve their communication skills and quality of life.

Researchers - Dr. Hirohito Sone and Dr. Chika Horikawa, professors of medicine at the University of Tsukuba Mito Medical Center in Ibaraki, Japan, and their colleagues said that previous studies have found age-related hearing loss Decline is associated with diabetes, but this study is the first to quantify the strength of this association.

This meta-analysis included a total of 13 studies, 8 of which were conducted in Asia and 5 in Western countries. The total number of participants The number was 20,061, of whom 7,797 had diabetes. Nine studies were in the general population and four studies were in hospitalized patients. These studies all looked at non-idiopathic progressive hearing loss that is not caused by noise or genetics. Hearing impairment is determined as a pure-tone hearing threshold measured over a frequency range covering 2,000 Hz. Three of the studies matched people with diabetes with people of the same age and gender without diabetes.

This meta-analysis shows that diabetes is associated with a doubling of the odds of hearing loss. The risk is higher for younger adults or hospitalized patients. Adults with diabetes under the age of 60 are three times more likely to develop hearing loss than people without diabetes. Hospitalized patients with diabetes have a nearly four-fold increased risk of hearing loss. There was a positive association between diabetes and hearing impairment in all subject subgroups.

Studies have shown that diabetes can drive the progression of visual impairment, and researchers speculate that neuropathy or vascular disease may trigger vision loss. As for whether hearing loss is a complication of diabetes, further research is needed to determine. Focuses for future research may include the potential relationship between diabetes severity or duration and the risk of hearing damage, whether age-related hearing loss occurs earlier in people with diabetes, and whether good glycemic control has the potential to halt the progression of hearing damage.

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